Meet the Rockopelli Music Fest 2017 food and specialty vendors! 

Food Vendors

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Specialty Vendors

Elle The Belle Shop

Artist: Ellen Ratajack

Follow her on Instagram: @erataj01

Check out her Etsy shop: Coming soon


The Elle the Belle shop consists of all things beautiful, creative and free spirited in the form of awesome art created by the lovely Ellen Ratajack.

Visit the Elle the Belle shop at Rockopelli where a portion of proceeds from her art will be donated to the charities of Rockopelli!

Words of wisdom from the artist: "I often find myself setting new goals during the summer, but struggling to see those through to completion (hello 8th grade self…why did you ever think you could teach yourself gymnastics?!) As a graduate student, the list of things to do and goals to accomplish are never-ending and for some learning a new additional skill at this point would seem like a silly endeavor. To that I say nay! Rather than strive for unrealistic goals, this summer I wanted to work on re-fining a skill for truly intrinsic purposes. I started painting a little while ago, but fell in love with it over the past few months. For me, painting is about expression, creativity, freedom, but mostly peace. We find ourselves being critiqued at every turn so it’s crucial to take time out and do something purely because we love it. I encourage everyone, regardless of where you are in life, to try new things and to do so bravely! Take a dance class, go rafting, paint and drink wine with your friends…take time to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer in a way that liberates you." - Ellen Ratajack

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