Saturday, August 13, 2016 -  Main Square Park  -  3001 Ridge Road. Highland, IN 46322

                 Saturday, August 13, 2016 - Main Square Park - 3001 Ridge Road. Highland, IN 46322



Planting Possibilities

Planting Possibilities provides employment, job training and opportunities for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Their long term goal is to build their own greenhouse, restaurant, storefront, and living facilities for people with disabilities to work and live independently. Planting Possibilities provides a nurturing environment where developmentally disabled adults in Northwest Indiana  can work toward their own goals of building fulfilling lives through work. 

Emma's Footprints

Emma’s Footprints is a nonprofit out of Valparaiso, Indiana that provides care packages for NICU families, bereavement care packages, support to families after the loss of an infant, and work towards bringing awareness to both premature birth and infant loss. Founders, Joe and Amelia Kowalisyn, started Emma's Footprints in memory of Emma Rose, daughter, who passed away on November 5th, 2014 at 23 days old due to complications from a severe stroke she had in utero.

They are a very young organization that has already made major strides in a short amount of time. This year they are trying to host their first symposium offering bereavement training for doctors and medical professionals that work in the NICU.



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Ska's The Limit

Ska's The Limit is a Bloomington and Chicago, Illinois-based ska/rock band. Formed in fall of 2013, STL started off by playing house shows throughout the Illinois and Wisconsin areas and have now already played The Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL on multiple occasions, been featured on Chicago-area radio, and opened for Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, and Five Iron Frenzy.  

Ska's The Limit's goal is to put on a fun and energetic live show. It is impossible to see STL and not start dancing your pants off.


Today's Trade

Today's Trade is a blues/rock band from Lake County, Illinois. Each member of Today's Trade brings a slightly different set of influences, combined together to create a unique blend of blues, rock and pop. With one EP released so far and another on the way, Today's Trade has plenty of original music to offer, as well as an arsenal of classic rock covers at their disposal. 


President Hooch

President Hooch is a collaboration project between Joel Ratajack and Robbie Walker, who met while working together at WXRT Chicago's finest rock. The two quickly found their passion and taste in music were very similar and have wanted to bring their unique musical backgrounds together. Their sound ranges from blues rock to folk alternative. They couldn't be more excited to play their first show together at Rockopelli. 



With an average musical history of 35 years, Dirtymac has played stages from north to south. From touring with 1964, the premier Beatles cover band to sharing the stage with Chicago bands such as Off Broadway, you name it, Dirtymac has played it! From the 60's British invasion, the 70's during the classic rock and blues era, through the 80's and 90's with Alternative Rock onto the present.


The Boxes

The Boxes are an all-girl cover band who pride themselves on taking fun songs spanning from the 60’s through today and putting a new spin on them. Formed in 2013 and based in Northbrook, Illinois, The Boxes have played in numerous bars in the northwest suburbs, as well as The Elbo Room and The Store in Chicago. Wherever you happen to catch a Boxes show, you will be guaranteed a desire to dance or sing along with the good tunes and fun vibe.


Joe Prassa with King Hippie

Joe Prassa with King Hippie is a collaboration project with the members of King Hippie, Jeff and Joel Ratajack and Scott Smith, joined by Joe Prassa. Saxophonist, Jonathon Pasyk also joined them onstage this year at Rockopelli for a few songs with the rock group. Their musical selections include original songs and covers ranging from Don't Do It by The Band to Poets by The Tragically Hip. Joe and Jeff have almost a combined 100 years of playing music and are the two key musicians in this group.


Got Issues

Al , Scott and Dave, have been together as Got Issues for over 8 years.  All members went to Highland High school. Al and Scott have known each other for over 50 years and have played in multiple bands together, on and off, since the 60's.  Dave has worked with Al and Scottand in other local bands for decades.        

Got Issues plays a variety of musical styles from standards to originals. We love to play music and always help this cause.