Meet the amazing charities that we are so excited to be supporting this year at Rockopelli Music Fest 2018!

Planting Possibilities | Highland,IN

Planting Possibilities provides employment, job training and opportunities for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Their long term goal is to build their own greenhouse, restaurant, storefront, and living facilities for people with disabilities to work and live independently. Planting Possibilities provides a nurturing environment where developmentally disabled adults in Northwest Indiana  can work toward their own goals of building fulfilling lives through work. 

Emma's Footprints | ValpAraiso, IN

Emma’s Footprints is a nonprofit out of Valparaiso, Indiana that provides care packages for NICU families, bereavement care packages, support to families after the loss of an infant, and work towards bringing awareness to both premature birth and infant loss. Founders, Joe and Amelia Kowalisyn, started Emma's Footprints in memory of Emma Rose, daughter, who passed away on November 5th, 2014 at 23 days old due to complications from a severe stroke she had in utero.

They are a very young organization that has already made major strides in a short amount of time. This year they are trying to host their first symposium offering bereavement training for doctors and medical professionals that work in the NICU.

Murph's gift of music | Chicago, IL

The Michael J. Murphy Music Scholarship is the inspiration of the soul. Michael (Murph) Murphy felt this inspiration throughout his life - a life that was cut short on June 6, 2008 when he was struck down by a hit and run driver. 

His passion was music. Murph taught at the Music School of Oak Lawn and encouraged and inspired people of all ages to learn how to play an instrument and love music. Now, through his family and friends, murph can continue to encourage and inspire. The Michael J. Murphy Music Scholarship Fund has been created with the mission to privide music related lessons and instruments to children from families that do not have the financial means to provide this opportunity. The goal is to carry on Murph's legacy and make a difference in a life by giving them the gift of music.