Nomad Planets

Guitarist and vocalist Mark Mybeck and bassist Phil Rapchak have been playing music together in various incarnations for twenty year. When Whistling Jupiters, their previous combo, was laid to rest, Nomad Planets was born. A creative connection and friendship forged during recording sessions with guitarist and vocalist John Carpenter at his Thunderclap Recording Studio in Hammond led for a natural transition for Carpenter to join the band as sessions began for "The Indestructible Drop", their first full-length release. Drummer Drew Enselman, who played with Carpenter in Chicago's alt-country outfit Urban Twang, was later recruited to fill out the current line-up. 

Nomad Planets have recorded and released three records - "The Indestructible Drop", "Edge Of Time" and "You're Never Lost Until You Panic" - on the band's own imprint, The Fairbanks Label. They have garnered radio airplay on Chicago's WXRT, WHPK and WLUW, along with numerous other terrestrial and web-based stations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Nomad Planets have shared stages with among others, Richard Buckner, Jon Langford, Bettie Serveert and .38 Special. They have played shows at such varied events as Taste of Chicago, Festival of the Lakes and Pierogi Fest, and have plied their trade at such established Chicago venues as The Abbey Pub, Martyrs', Heartland Cafe and Uncommon Ground. 

The Band

Guitar/Vocals - Mark Mybeck
Bass - Phil Rapchak
Guitar - John Carpenter
Drums - Drew Enselman                Keyboard - Chris Ussury
Drums - Terry Boylan

“This group of veteran players create finely–crafted, acoustic/electric, alt–pop/rock with strong lyrics, nice harmonies and warm production, the combination of which make their third album, “You’re Never Lost Until You Panic,” as good as anything out there on a national level. Record label reps would be well advised to give these talented indie gents a listen. Really good songs and solid playing throughout. Highlights: “The Flood Song,” “Here You Are,” and “Wish You Were Here.””
— Tom Lounges - The Times

The Tom Stober Band

The Band

Guitar/Vocals - Tom Stober
Bass/Vocals - Danny Mac
Drums - Doug Caban

Guitarist Tom Stober, a veteran musician of 50 years, blends classical, rock, blues, jazz and Lakota musical forms together to create his unique sound. Stober has been mentored and performed with notables such as Bobby Simms (Rotary Connection), Buddy Miles (Hendrix Band of Gypsys), Dan Seals (England Dan & John Ford Coley) among others. His other passion is culturally preservation and audio production of Lakota artists residing on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (Stober's home) in South Dakota. After sustaining serious injuries in an automobile accident, Stober returned to his Chicago roots to convalesce and bring his indigenous musical influences with him. Appearing with Stober are Danny Mac and Doug Caban. 

Oceans Over Airplanes is a group that is not specifically for the fields of the Midwest, the bustle of the city or the repetition of the sprawling suburbs. They are a group of musicians from Northwest Indiana that have found each other over time. OOA focuses on telling stories about Midwest living creating what they call Heartfelt Indiana Rock. These guys make not fit in anywhere, but they fit together.

With the creation of their 3rd EP "Young Nights", OOA continued to progress their sound, which contains the beauty of the lakeshore, combined with the pounding, gritty pulse of industry, the excitement of the city and the honesty and outsider perspective of a small town. It might be hard to imagine that these could all be influences on this band from NWI, however this South Shore sound is an experience that is a pleasure to experience. 

The Band

Bass/Vocals - Tony Pagorek
Guitar - Jeff Popka
Guitar/Vocals - Ethan Grove
Drums - Joseph Bickham

The Band

Guitar/Lead Vocals - Donny McElroy
Bass/Vocals - Steve Sweet
Guitar/Mandolin - Pete Krajci
Drums/Vocals - Geoff Amann

With an average musical history of 35 years, Dirtymac has played stages from north to south. From touring with 1964, the premier Beatles cover band to sharing the stage with Chicago bands such as Off Broadway, you name it, Dirtymac has played it! From the 60's British invasion, the 70's during the classic rock and blues era, through the 80's and 90's with Alternative Rock onto the present.


ZODIAC is the region's unstoppable fun-loving party rock band that is 100% live music! The "5-star" line up of musicians will cover all the best rock tunes that keep the house jumpin', feet movin', heads bangin', drinks flowin', and the party goin' all night long! If you're one who seeks variety to spice up your life, the buck stops here!

ZODIAC mixes up their evenings with bits and pieces of all party rock styles such as Styx, Walk the Moon, Elle King, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beatles, Nirvana, Metallica and everywhere in between! No two shows are ever identical! The only predictable thing here is that you will definitely be rocked right.

The Band

Vocals - Jill Field
Drums/Vocals - Steve Seto
Bass - Mark Armenta
Guitar - Chris Bolint
Guitar/Keyboard - Billy Cox

President Hooch is a band that likes to describe their music as "Chicago-born". Pulling their influences from the Blues, Indie, jam-band and Alternative music scenes they play a wide array of original rock music. President Hooch's founding members, Joel Ratajack and Robbie Walker, met while working together at 93XRT Chicago's Finest Rock. It didn't take long for them to realize the wealth of musical talent a few of their other co-workers had would be a great addition to the band and added Patrick Kelly, Niko Sward and Brendan McLaughlin to round out the rest of the group. Each member's musical background is very diverse fom the next member's, providing the elements for a very unique and eclectic sound. Rockopelli 2017 will be their first performance with the full lineup of current members and they couldn't be more excited to bust a jam with everyone.   


Guitar/Vocals - Rob Walker
Bass/Vocals - Joel Ratajack       Saxophone- Patrick Kelly
Guitar - Niko Sward
Drums - Brendan McLaughlin

Hailing from St. Charles, IL and Dorr, MI, Kate and Kathleen met in the fall of 2014. It was not until later that they realized they had always shared a passion for music. Only having formed in December of 2015, The Jades have taken the Chicago scene by surprise. With the new release of their debut EP, 'Like Hovoc,' The Jades draw inspiration from groups like Tegan and Sara. Katie and Kathleen came together to form an indie sound with all the grit and raw power of two female artists. The dual harmonies compliment their riveting guitar riffs and will leave you longing for more. 

The Band

Guitar/Vocals - Katie Krenning
Guitar/Vocals - Kathleen Lieffers